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Python & Deep learning Course

Machine learning Python Any of Python's machine learning, scientific computing, or data analysis libraries

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What will i learn?
  • The course is aimed for churning hands-on Project ready Python developer for Deep Learning

Curriculum for this course
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  • Having basic amount knowledge about machine learning Deep learning(not mandatory)
  • Working experience of 3 years +
  • An Open mind
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The prime objective of this course is to help you to understand this extremely usable, high-level programming language python, machine learning & deep learning concepts and become ready for projects.

Moving forward, we make the assumption that you are not an expert in:

Machine learning Python Any of Python's machine learning, scientific computing, or data analysis libraries

Instructor-led online Live Sessions : Please note that this course is not a self-paced learning; this course is all about building competence in Machine Learning & AI with lots of hands-on under the guidance of live experts 

Target audience

  • Corporate Executives looking to learn for their projects
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Anyone who’s looking for a shift in his/her career & who wants to build competence on Python ,Deep learning ,Machine learning & AI    

Course Format

Individuals - 

For Individuals, this is an online course with the support of our handy LMS & best video conferencing tools in the market

Corporate - 

Classroom sessions are for corporate for a batch of 15 or more participants from a single organization. 


End of this course, you will achieve agreat amount of knowledge on 

  • Machine learning & Deep learning Concepts
  • Convolutional Neural Networks & Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Tensorflow & Keras
  • Python for scientific computing
  • Python for Machine learning
  • Introduction to Python with deep learning libraries 
    • Theano
    • Caffe
    • Deep Learning 4j
    • Tensorflow
    • Torch

Course Outline 

Introduction to the course

  • Deep dive discussion on the course structure ,Session details,getting the system ready and your own Adventure!

Python Introduction & Getting Started with Python

  • Introduction into the extremely usable, high-level programming language Python
  • installation , Getting Started with Python
  • Get dirty with your hands on projects ( Lab 1)

Fundamental Machine Learning overview

  • Supervised, unsupervised and reinforced learning with examples and applications
  • Concept of errors and error optimizations

Getting Started with Machine Learning in Python

  • Machine Learning models with Python
  • • How Do You Start Machine Learning in Python • End to end machine learning project - Define Problem , Prepare Data, Evaluate Algorithms, Improve Results, Present Results | Hello world • Installing SciPy platform. • Loading the dataset. • Summarizing the dataset. • Visualizing the dataset. • Evaluating some algorithms. • Making some predictions.

Deep learning Introduction

  • Deep learning Introduction
  • Python with deep learning libraries • Theano • Caffe • Deep Learning 4j • Tensorflow • Torch
  • Deep learning & optimization techniques
  • Convolutional neural networks Sequence Modeling
  • Structured Probabilistic Models for Deep Learning
  • Monte Carlo Methods

Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning for Speech/Audio
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning for Reinforcement Learning
  • Introduction to Tensorflow & Keras

Deep Learning real life Use cases

  • Deep Learning for Image Processing using PyTorch
  • DL for trading ,DL for energy efficiency
  • Capstone Project

This course aims to take a newcomer from minimal knowledge of machine learning in Python all the way to knowledgeable practitioner in days along with Industry‘s best recommended materials, resources and using all practical examples and hands-on sessions.

Instructors are realtime practitioners & Industry leaders with 15- 20 years of experience 

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This workshop is delivered by one of top most industry-leading faculty with at least 10 to 15+ years of Industry as well as training experience

KPI Consulting is one of the fastest growing (with 1000+ tech workshops) e-learning & consulting Firm which provides objective-based innovative & effective learning solutions for the entire spectrum of technical & domain skills

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