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Automation With Ansible

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Chapter 1: Introducing Ansible 

Overview of Ansible Architecture Section 

Ansible Architecture Section 

Overview of Ansible Deployments Section

Ansible Deployments 

Describing Ansible Inventory 

Ansible Inventory 

Introducing Ansible



Deploying Ansible 

Installing Ansible 

Guided Exercise: Installing Ansible 

Managing Ansible Configuration Files 

Guided Exercise: Managing Ansible Configuration Files 

Running Ad Hoc Commands 

Guided Exercise: Running Ad Hoc Commands 

Managing Dynamic Inventory 

Guided Exercise: Managing Dynamic Inventory 

Lab: Deploying Ansible 


Implementing Playbooks : Writing YAML Files 

Guided Exercise: Writing YAML Files 

Implementing Modules 

Guided Exercise: Implementing Modules 

Implementing Ansible Playbooks 

Guided Exercise: Implementing Ansible Playbooks 

Lab: Implementing Playbooks 




Managing Variables and Inclusions 

Managing Variables 

Guided Exercise: Managing Variables 

Managing Facts 

Guided Exercise: Managing Facts 

Managing Inclusions 

Guided Exercise: Managing Inclusions 

Lab: Managing Variables and Inclusions 




Implementing Task Control 

Constructing Flow Control 

Guided Exercise: Constructing Flow Control 

Implementing Handlers 

Guided Exercise: Implementing Handlers 

Implementing Tags 

Guided Exercise: Implementing Tags 

Handling Errors 

Guided Exercise: Handling Errors 

Lab: Implementing Task Control 




Implementing Jinja2 Templates 

Describing Jinja2 Templates 

Describing Jinja2 Templates: Implementing Jinja2 Templates 

Guided Exercise: Implementing Jinja2 Templates 

Lab: Implementing Jinja2 Templates 




Chapter 7: Implementing Roles 

Describing Role Structure 

Describing Role Structure

Creating Roles 

Guided Exercise: Creating Roles

Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy 

Guided Exercise: Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy

Lab: Implementing Roles Section



Chapter 8: Optimizing Ansible

Configuring Connection Types

Guided Exercise: Configuring Connection Types 

Configuring Delegation

Guided Exercise: Configuring Delegation

Configuring Parallelism

Guided Exercise: Configuring Parallelism 

Lab: Optimizing Ansible




Chapter 9: Implementing Ansible Vault 

Configuring Ansible Vault

Guided Exercise: Configuring Ansible Vault 

Executing with Ansible Vault

Guided Exercise: Executing with Ansible Vault 

Lab: Implementing Ansible Vault

Summary Chapter 10: Troubleshooting Ansible 

Troubleshooting Playbooks

Guided Exercise: Troubleshooting Playbooks

 Troubleshooting Ansible Managed Hosts

Guided Exercise: Troubleshooting Ansible Managed Hosts

Lab: Troubleshooting Ansible 




Chapter 11: Implementing Ansible Tower 

Describing Ansible Tower 

Describing Ansible Tower 

Deploying Ansible Tower

Guided Exercise: Deploying Ansible Tower 

Configuring Users in Ansible Tower

Guided Exercise: Configuring Users in Ansible Tower


Managing Hosts with Ansible Tower

Guided Exercise: Managing Hosts with Ansible Tower 

Managing Jobs in Ansible Tower

Guided Exercise: Managing Jobs in Ansible Tower 

Lab: Implementing Ansible Tower




Chapter 12: Implementing Ansible in a DevOps Environment 

Provisioning Vagrant Machines

Guided Exercise: Provisioning Vagrant Machines

Deploying Vagrant in a DevOps Environment

Guided Exercise: Deploying Vagrant in a DevOps Environment

Lab: Implementing Ansible in a DevOps Environment



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