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Terms & Conditions for Trainers, Presenters, Speakers for KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd Events, Webinars, Training Sessions

  1. Provide one copy of any government ID proof along with a soft-copy of your recent passport sized photograph.
  2. Share a copy of any/all training materials you will be using during the training session for validation and certification by KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd .
  3. Please share any links/list of reference websites you will be using during the training session.
  4. If any software has to be downloaded, installed and/or used during the training session, please share a copy/link of the same.
  5. Please be available at the training venue/customer location at least 1 hour before start of the session.
  6. Please check your own system and ensure it is fully functional, with all OS updates and virus definitions properly updated.
  7. Please carry with you a 4G internet connection- a USB Dongle or any other 4G wi-fi device. Make sure that you have sufficient data in your mobile device so that it can be used as a wi-fi hotspot if required.
  8. To verify the speed of your internet connection, share a screenshot of speedtest.net.
  9. Please have a copy of all relevant software installed and updated in your computer as applicable.
  10. Do not alter training schedules and/or training materials without explicit approval from KPI Consulting. If you do, this will impact your standing with KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd  and can even get you blacklisted for further events with us.
  11. We do not make partial payments. So, make sure you complete the training session you started. In case of any emergency, discuss the situation with your SPOC at KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd .
  12. For on-site events at customer premises, please get the feedback forms duly filled by the participants and send it back to us at the end of day, every day.
  13. If in doubt, check with your SPOC at KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd
  14. These terms conditions are subject to change without notice. So make sure that you look it up regularly on our website and keep yourself updated all the time.


Privacy Policy at KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd


The purpose of the privacy policies defined in this section is to elaborate upon how KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd  Pvt. Ltd.( 'KPI Consulting services pvt ltd ,' 'We,' 'us,' or 'our) collects information about you and shares/uses it for our enterprise procedures through our online and offline interfaces. The online and offline interfaces are owned and controlled by us; including www.consultkpi.com or www.kpiconsulting.info  (will be referred to herein as the "site").


 In order to fully understand what we do and how we use your information please read the aspects of our Privacy Policy carefully. If you are not able to understand any of the aspects, feel free to contact us through any contact methods given on our website.


Information covered under the privacy policy

Our Privacy policy covers the information we gain through our site and other forms of interfaces including more personal and private means of contacts such as phone calls and emails. Through our site, certain features and functionalities are available in which we do not collect any personal information (information which can be used to identify you).

Certain features and functionalities on the site and interfaces require the providence of personal information by you but only under your consent. Such information may be provided to us when you enroll with us through the site or through the other more personalized interfaces which are aforementioned. Please note that by providing us with this information you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.


By non-personal information we refer to information such as, the web pages you have visited and the contents you have read. This is only for the better functionality of the website and customer support centre.

The personal information to be gained will be clearly visible to you as you are providing it, such as your name, email address, phone number etc.

No personal information will be extracted by us about you without your knowledge and consent.

Use of the provided information

The non-personal information we extract is used for the better functionality of our support system and also for improving upon our services. We only conduct statistical analysis through this information in order to provide you with better services in the future and improve upon our service model. We may also use it for other business purposes such as measuring demographics and interests of prospective clients and customers.

The personal information we obtain will only be under the sole ownership of KPI Consulting. We claim the right to use the information as we see fit and not for prospects given herein.

KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd will not disclose the personal information provided by you to parties which may use it independently without our knowledge.

We will not sell or transact the provided personal information in order to gain advantage or resources of any kind.

We will not use the personal information provided for any kind of activity which may be deemed as illegal.

We may provide your personal information to other third parties such as trainers or teachers but only under our supervision and administration.

We may use your personal information to improve our service model and customize our interfaces to better suit the customers' needs and also for improving our business.

When you communicate with us through more personalized means mentioned before, we may use the personally identifiable information to further communicate with you or use it as described in this Privacy Policy.

We may provide your information to governmental authorities under legal obligations binding and administrating all.

KPI Consulting Services pvt ltd  reserves the right to change the terms of use and privacy policy without prior notification to those involved.

Provisions for information provided by overseas clients

We have our headquarters located in the Indian subcontinent and the privacy laws of the Indian constitution are binding here. The information stored on our server's headquarters will come under the supervision of such laws. For client's sending information from other countries, we will hold it as our utmost priority to protect and safeguard your personal information in our country. When and if the information is provided to other 3rd parties outside of our country, we will make sure that the personal information remains safe under the laws of the other country.

Contact us

To understand more on our Privacy policies and use of your personal information, feel free to contact us through our web portal, website or phone numbers provided.