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Happy Learning Week Webinars | Progress Analytics chart | Industry connects | L&D Connects

 Our Happy learning week webinars are basically Micro learning or Bite-sized sessions which are interluded with case studies along with Brief Introduction,Usecases,Applications,A Small Hands-on Session,Case studies of "Client X" how they got benefited using this technology and what are the challenges and Q & A sessions..

Use of ROI in learning and development | 25th June 7 PM - 8.15 PM

A Free session for Learning & development professionals on calculating " ROI " | Use of ROI in learning and development | ROI Methodology in 12 Easy steps | Parameters considered to calculate ROI | Formulae to calculate ROI

More than 1000+ Domain-specific Workshops | NextGen Technology Training

Digital Transformation (DX) & Workforce

NextGen Technology Training - When it comes to DX , We often miss the element of " us " amidst technology platforms like Machine Learning, Cloud Architecture, Augmented Reality, and IIoT, Microservices and others

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

" Machine learning - driven analytics: Key to digital transformation " - NextGen Technology Training - Gartner projects that 60 percent of all new enterprise applications implemented by service providers will include AI technologies

Blockchain Technology

NextGen Technology Training - From Startup to Industry leaders like IBM are betting heavily on Blockchain technology revolutionizing almost everything from Banking to healthcare or Real-estate to other big projects

CyberSecurity & DX Path

NextGen Technology Training - Fortinet study shows 85% of C-level security professionals say security is risk to Digital Transformation or DX - " To advance with digital transformation, a robust approach cyber-security is needed " - says Digital Journal

Digital Transformation to contribute USD154 Billions to India's GDP by 2021

The size of the global digital transformation market is expected to reach $369.22 Bn by 2020 at a CAGR of 19% | As per IDC-Microsoft Report, Microsoft predicts that approximately 60% of India's GDP will be derived from Digital products or services by 2021

Most Upcoming Web Application Workshops


React redux |  React Native | React Hooks | | Vue.js |  OpenUI5  |   Kotlin Native | Angular 7 | Eclipse Vert.x

Looking for Fullstack training ? Want to be placed as full-stack developer ?

Enough of Front-end technologies like React and Angular and you want to become a full-stack developer ; here's the good news - As part of our Nextgen technology training , we provide end-to-end detailed full-stack training .To find the detailed agenda ,kindly click here

Most Popular workshops

Master in Advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning ,AI with Keras

Using all practical examples, Multiple Assignments, Assessments & Real-life case studies

React Native + Redux Training

Advanced React Native Training covers introductory to intermediate to advanced topics, 80% of the course is hands-on, 20% for trainer instruction, demos.

Blockchain With Ethereum - Most essential technology to learn in this era

Use-cases from various industries & plenty hands on sessions

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Corporate Training : Tailor made Workshops for your organization | Willing to know more about us or to download our e-brochure


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Why KPI Consulting | Special Value Adds

  •  Happy Learning week Webinars on Digital transformation or Nextgen Technologies  
  •  Industry-Connects on Nextgen Technologies on Blockchain and Fintech , ML & AI 
  •  Progress Analytics Chart & Individual Profiling
  •  Easy Automation & Integration of  LMS and programs   - Customize |  Control & Automate
  •  L& D Connects - Monthly webinars with L& D heads & Leaders across industry where we invite them to discuss the challenges that how they have overcome
  • Technology Centric Technical Assessment - Deeper Analysis of Code | Detailed Parameter Score Matrix